roasted rutabega dishby Dreena Burton

Ingredients (Serves 4‐5 as a side dish)
2 lbs turnips (yellow turnip, also known as rutabaga, see note)
2–2½ tsp extra‐virgin olive oil
½ tsp pure maple syrup ** Walden Farms Syrup for those in Phases 1-3
¼ tsp sea salt
Several good pinches cinnamon

Preheat oven to 400°F. Pierce turnips a few times and place whole on upper rack of oven, with tin foil on lower rack to catch drippings. Bake for roughly 1¾–2 hours until turnips are very tender when pierced (baking time will vary depending on the size of turnips). Remove from oven and let cool slightly before peeling the skins. Transfer flesh to a bowl or food processor and add remaining ingredients. Using a hand blender or in the food processor, puré until smooth (you could also mash well by hand). Season with additional sea salt and black pepper if desired.

Serve immediately, or return to oven on low heat to keep warm.

1) Rutabagas are often confused with turnips. Turnips are actually slightly different than rutabagas (often known as yellow turnip), with turnips being smaller and lighter in color (rutabega have more of a yellow flesh and the skin has a yellow and purple color, whereas turnip has a whiter flesh with a purple/white color). Rutabagas are sweeter than turnip, and preferable in this recipe.
2) Another super way to roast turnips is to peel them, cut into 1” chunks, and toss with the seasonings listed. Place in a baking dish and bake covered for about 30 minutes at 400°F. Remove cover and continue baking, tossing occasionally, for about 40–50 minutes, until tender and golden brown in spots. The turnips will be caramelized with intense, earthy flavors.

Recipe by Plant‐Powered Kitchen at http://plantpoweredkit