Kristi Osterlund – lost 68.5 Lbs and 33.75 inches

“I felt wonderful on the diet. Of course there were times I felt ‘left-out’ or craved junk food, but those instances were rare in my 6 months. I truly felt empowered and confident on the program. Seeing immediate results was so fulfilling and kept me on track. I’ve noticed many changes inside and out! I sleep better, have fewer headaches, play with my kids more and feel proud of myself. I now look at labels and am aware of what I put into my body. My confidence is higher – before, I tried to fake it, but now I am genuinely confident! I met with two other coaches before finding Kathy. I didn’t have the same comfort level with the others that I did with Kathy. The journey is a very personal experience and I felt supported and organized the whole way through. I felt like Kathy was so committed to me as I was to losing weight. If you are contemplating starting the Billings Last diet, just do it! If you are committed, it works! My concern about the cost diminished as I realized how much money I had been spending on junk food, pop, fast food, etc. It was a cleanse. I didn’t just lose weight, I gained knowledge and improved my health. It was worth every penny. You are worth it. The impetus for doing ideal protein was my upcoming 40th birthday and being unable to keep up with my 2 and 4 year olds. Fun and activity with my kids have increased along with increased energy – and I won’t lie – I have an increased love of myself! I am thankful every day that I did Billings Last Diet!”

Kristi's Testimonial of her experience with Billings Last Diet


Janelle Rafaele – lost 75 Lbs and 42 inches

“First 2 weeks on the diet, I felt really bad. For the rest of it Awesome! I have more confidence. I can think better. I remember things better. I have more energy. I like to get dressed and clothes are comfortable now. I LOVE MARY – SHE IS AWESOME AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. It might cost a little bit more than regular eating, but confidence and the way you feel is WORTH IT!”

Janelle's Testimonial of her experience with Billings Last Diet

Diet Tip of the Week 10/30

An Oldie but a Goodie: Green Mango Smoothie!

Perfect for getting some hidden greens in for those who struggle with their 4 cups of veggies!

Ideal Protein Mango Drink Green Smoothie –

  • Add 1 cup ice in bottom of blender and then a big handful of spinach
  • To your drink bottle, add the mango drink and 2 or so tablespoons of water
  • Shake to get out the remaining mango drink and then pour over spinach & ice
  • Blend on smoothie cycle and enjoy!

Diet Tip of the Week 10/23

Are you a stress eater? Do you eat when you are sad?

What if you replaced emotional eating with a nice relaxing walk? Walk yourself out of a bad mood because unless you are hungry food isn’t the answer! The weather is wonderful, get out and move!

Diet Tip of the Week 10/9

Benefits of Exercise – Other than Weight Control

While extreme exercise is not part of Billings Last Diet’s protocol in the weight loss phase, it plays a huge roll in your maintenance phase. Its not only important for you to keep the weight off, it also promotes more restful sleep, increased energy and helps reduce and manage stress. All key factors in maintaining a healthy life style.