About Billings Last Diet

Billings Last Diet is a doctor-supervised weight loss program and Ideal Protein provider in Billings, MT, based on the sound scientific principles of weight loss. This is a muscle sparing diet, using protein to preserve your muscle tissue while you are burning the fat. Billings Last Diet utilizes top-quality protein that is available in a variety of different products.

Our weight loss program is a geared toward keeping the weight off for life. With the help of our trained diet coaches, you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss through ongoing training and check-ups. We take advantage of weekly weigh-ins to monitor your progress and communicate with you about any updated weight loss goals.

You can trust that Billings Last Diet and Ideal Protein is a safe and healthy way to lose weight. We’ll work closely with your doctors to ensure that your weight loss endeavors complement your existing therapeutic regimens. We are committed to providing fast and long-lasting results for our clients, but we will always make sure they are achieved in a healthy manner.

Dr. Dale W. Williams and his experienced diet coaches will help you every step of the way. By participating in this high-quality healthy weight loss program, you can expect to see phenomenal results.

Ready to get started on your revolutionary weight loss journey? You can call us today at (406) 294-6751 or attend a free seminar with Dr. Dale W. Williams right here in Billings, MT.