Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

Dr. Dale W. Williams

Billings Last Diet is a doctor supervised weight loss program, based on the sound scientific principles of weight loss, and utilizing Ideal Protein. It is a four phase protocol. The first two phases concentrate on weight loss phases. They’re designed to get you into a fat burning mode which will help you lose weight relatively quickly – women average 2-4 lbs/week and men average 4-7 lbs/week.

During the last two phases we will teach you how to keep the weight off for the rest of your life. Our ultimate goal is to help people lose their extra weight and then help them develop the knowledge and tools needed to keep the weight off for the rest of their lives.

Success Stories from Billings Montana

Kayla’s Week 17 Update

What I Eat in a Day” The video below was filmed a week ago, but as I’m writing this I have completed 18 weeks of Ideal Protein with Billings Last Diet and I have officially lost 65lbs! As a little celebration you may have noticed a change. I have been transformed into a rainbow infused Read more...

Kristi Osterlund – lost 68.5 Lbs and 33.75 inches

“I felt wonderful on the diet. Of course there were times I felt ‘left-out’ or craved junk food, but those instances were rare in my 6 months. I truly felt empowered and confident on the program. Seeing immediate results was so fulfilling and kept me on track. I’ve noticed many changes inside and out! I Read more...
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