Ideal Protein Blueberry & Caramel Chocolate Chip Pancakes

There are few things in life that are better than breakfast food. If you are on Ideal Protein or thinking about starting, don’t you even worry, you can still enjoy delicious, heart-warming breakfast food on this diet. This particular recipe I’m sharing is for dreamy Blueberry & Caramel Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Although they are dreamy, this is not a dream…you can actually eat something this indulgent while sticking to protocol!

What you’ll need:

1 Chocolately Caramel Flavored Mug Cake Packet

3T Liquid Egg Whites

1/2 tsp baking powder

3T cold water

1T Walden Farm’s Blueberry Syrup


1) Add liquid egg whites to a medium sized mixing bowl. Whisk until velvety smooth (right before the point of stiff peaks).

2) Combine the rest of the ingredients gently.

3) Pour the batter on a greased and warmed skillet on medium heat into whatever size pancakes you’d like (I made 2 very large ones). Flip when bubbles form and it is golden brown.

4) Drizzle with Walden Farm’s Blueberry or Caramel Syrup (or both!)

5) Enjoy!

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For Phase 1 you have to have 3 IP Packets a day, 4 cups of the select veggies on the BLD list, 64oz of water, and 8oz of protein, 1tsp Salt, and 2 tsp of oil.

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