IP Chili Cheese Fries

Fall is here which means comfort food is coming out of the dark caverns, ready to attack my will power. When you hear the term “comfort food” what comes to mind? To me it’s a home cooked meal full of butter and cheese. Baked Mac and Cheese, Creamy Potato Soup, Mashed potatoes with extra gravy and sour cream… but one stands out in particular and that is cheese fries… more specifically CHILI CHEESE FRIES!

I have been on Billings Last Diet/ Ideal Protein’s Phase 1 since March of 2019 and cannot have dairy, starch, potatoes, or even chili so I’ve had to get crafty with my meals, especially when I am craving certain things. Most of the time my Mimicked recipes are pretty spot on and help curb the cravings so when I made an Ideal Protein version of Chili Cheese Fries I was really hoping for the best!

How did I make this?

One Ideal Protein Vegetable Chili Packet

One Ideal Protein Mac and Cheese Packet

One large Jicama

Cut your Jicama into fry shaped strips, if you Jicama is big enough you will end up with about four cups of it (which BOOM there is your 4 cups of veggies for the day!)

Season and soak the Jicama in Olive Oil for 30 minutes in the fridge

While letting your Jicama soak, preheat your oven to 375

Once you’ve let your Jicama soak, put on a sprayed or foiled baking sheet and put in the oven for 30 minutes.

*While waiting put on Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic, Set up your halloween decorations, or check the football scores*

At 30 minutes check Jicama, and flip if necessary. Keep in the oven until desired texture. It rarely gets mushy and potato textured for me but I find the longer I keep it in the less “Apple Texture” it is.

While your “fries” are finishing up, start making your packets:

Follow the Recipe on the back of each packet and make on the stove top. To make the cheese sauce from the mac and cheese creamier, put in an ounce of milk ( we are allowed that) and let simmer for a little longer than it says on the directions. Save the Noodle pac for later or another time and consider it “half of a packet” for the day.

Take your fries out of the oven, pour your IP Vegetable Chili over the fries and then coat with the Mac and Cheese Sauce.

Enjoy! This tasted SO satisfying that I almost felt guilty for eating it! Perfect for those Fall comfort food cravings!

For Phase one you have to have 3 IP Packets a day, 4 cups of the select veggies on the BLD list, 64oz of water, and 8oz of protein, 1tsp Salt, and 2 tsp of oil.

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